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Ovdje ćete pronaći zanimljive i korisne članke o fitinzi od stakloplastike i odgovore na pitanja.

Članak o fiberglasu od fiberglasa

Svjetsko iskustvo upotrebe GFRP armature

The first experience of fiberglass application dates back to 1956 in the United States. Massachusetts Institute of Technology had been developing a house made of polymer fiberglass materials. It was intended for one of the attractions in the Disneyland park in California. The house served for 10 years until it was replaced by other attraction …

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Može li se u podlogu koristiti armatura od stakloplastike?

GFRP rebar is used to reinforce foundation all over the worlds. Application of fiberglass rebar is considered acceptable for both strip and slab foundations in buildings up to 4 floors.  An example of GFRP rebar use in strip foundation is shown in the video: The choice of composite rebar for the foundation reinforcement is …

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Kakva je razlika između bazaltne armature i GFRP armature?

Both basalt rebar and fiberglass rebar are varieties of composite reinforcement. Their manufacturing process is the same; the only difference is raw material: the first one is made of basalt fiber, the second one – glass fiber. In terms of technical features, the only difference between basalt rebar and GFRP bars is the temperature limit, …

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