Use of fiberglass bars for installation of Parking garages

Parking garages have a greater load and strain, especially during winter time. The reason is the use of chemicals that prevent icing, they actively destroy the material. There is a effective way to avoid of this situation.

New material

Garages made of reinforced concrete blocks consist of elements:

  • columns;
  • plates;
  • beams.

Rebar in reinforced concrete products is constantly under heavy loads, Additional corrosive effects of chemical compositions influence on the metal negatively. Reinforced concrete blocks as a result of corrosion:

  • lose their strength;
  • quickly deformed;
  • they wear out prematurely.

Cracks appear in the area of joints, and fixation is disrupted. Using anti-corrosion FRP composites instead of steel, helps solve the problem. Currently, this is the easiest and cheapest way to prevent corrosion.

Fiberglass polymer reinforcement

Glass fiber reinforced polymer (GFRP) has good prospects for improving the technology. Concrete blocks have a high coefficient of strength, the service life increases. Fiberglass does not rust and does not lose its strength with a sharp change in temperature . Elements of various configurations can be made to order. Reinforcement using fiberglass is very popular, there is a high demand for such commodity.

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Parking garage’s

Consider an example: Parking Garage in Canada. The object consists of reinforced bars that are made of modern fiberglass. The garage weighs about forty tons, which is renovated using modern material. Such a clear example gives an idea the value of new technologies in the field of manufacturing reinforced concrete structures.

In the garage, the vertical structures remained intact, and the roof was decided to be made of new slabs. The cost of the material was cheaper, and the efficiency exceeded expectations. The test project turned out fine, the new one will continue to be used.


After a thorough analysis, the owners of the object came to the conclusion: the decision on fiberglass reinforcement was made correctly. Let’s briefly list all the advantages:

  1. Fiberglass rebar is cheap, it allowed to eliminate the corrosion of the material.
  2. It was not difficult to install fiberglass bars, the project was done quickly.
  3. RC flat plates have a good coefficient of strength, well resist heavy loads. They do not crack or deform.
  4. All works were carried out within the framework of the CSO 2012 format (strength criteria and operating standards).
  5. In terms of cost, the project has fully justified itself. Working with carbon fiber is profitable. The strength of the material exceeds reinforced concrete.
  6. The elements of the optical fiber has successfully completed all the tasks.

Using the example of the this Parking Garage project, we can conclude that it is cost- effective to build garages from new material. The project provides guidance to design engineers so that they can create new objects from modern materials.

The use of fiberglass in conjunction with concrete clearly demonstrates the achievements of new century composites.

Such materials do not react to moisture and temperature. The service life of such concrete blocks increases, there is no need to spend money on preventive maintenance. There is no doubt that the new method will be very popular everywhere.

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