Fiberglass masonry grid

A fiberglass masonry mesh is used to reinforce masonry from concrete, expanded clay blocks and bricks. The advantages of a fiberglass masonry mesh are light weight (reduces load on the foundation) and low thermal conductivity (does not create cold bridges unlike a steel mesh).

We sell a mesh with width 20, 25, 33 and 50 cm. Choose the appropriate size, depending on the thickness of your wall.

The dimensions and prices of the masonry mesh:

Description Roll width, cm In one roll, m2 Cost per square meter, $ Cost per square meter, €
Stonework mesh 50×50×2 mm 20 10 1.36 1.24
Stonework mesh 50×50×2 mm 25 12.5 1.36 1.24
Stonework mesh 50×50×2 mm 33 16.65 1.36 1.24
Stonework mesh 50×50×2 mm 50 25 1.36 1.24

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