For dealers

Kompozit 21 is looking for a dealer in your region.

If you are construction or trading company join our team and become a dealer of modern composite construction materials.

To become a dealer you need to:

  • have an office or showroom, and warehouse;
  • have professional staff for sales and customer support;
  • purchase products in amount not less than one 40ft container within one year;
  • visit construction sites and provide us with reference list, photo and video materials.

Exclusive dealer benefits:

  • Free Samples and Marketing Materials;
  • Special Dealer Prices;
  • On-going Marketing Support;
  • Priority over Other Customers in Production and Delivery Sequence;
  • Publication of Dealer Information on Websites;
  • Dealer Training and Support with Questions on Product;
  • Active Advertising and Transfer of Incoming Requests;
  • Additional Discounts for Long-Term Dealers;

Special offer! If you purchases three 40ft containers of products within a year, we create a website for you on a local language and provide SEO service.

How to become a Dealer?

  1. Fill in the below form. Our manager will contact you for details
  2. We conclude a dealer agreement
  3. Choose required products (we can assist you with products selection)
  4. We ship you products and marketing materials
  5. Together we start promotion in your region