Composite fiberglass rebar and mesh is much more multifunctional than one might think. With real examples of using our products you can see in the section “Projects“.

Housing and civil construction

Concrete slab reinforced

Fiberglass rebarFiberglass mesh
• Reinforcement of the foundations of buildings (including below the zero marking).
• Reinforcement of sewerage, land reclamation and water disposal.
• Reinforcement of the floors of living quarters.
• Repair of reinforced concrete and brick structures.
• Reinforcement of concrete, stone and combined walls of buildings.
• Reinforcement of slabs up to 5 meters.
• Reinforcement of stone and reinforced structures.
• Reinforcement of the facade layer of three-layered enclosing structures.
• Reinforcement of concrete slabs.
• Reinforcement of the floor screed in residential areas.
• Reinforcement of horizontal joints of masonry.

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Industrial engineering

Reinforcing industrial floor

Fiberglass rebarFiberglass mesh
• Reinforcement of sea and port facilities.
• Reinforcing floors in industrial buildings, parking lots.
• Reinforcement of shaped products for collectors, pipeline and route-conducting (heating centers, cable channels) of municipal systems.
• Reinforcement of basins and concrete tanks, including for chemical industries.
• Strengthening the roadbed with a composite mesh.
• Reinforcement of industrial floors.
• Reinforcement of chemical waste storage facilities.
• Reinforcement of sewage treatment plants.
• Reinforcement of installations for waste processing.

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Use GFRP rebar as a trellis

Fiberglass rebarFiberglass mesh
• Reinforcing floors in barns, pig houses, poultry farms, agro farms.
• Use as a trellis to support plants (grapes, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.), a frame for greenhouses.
• Reinforcement in the construction of treatment plants.
• Reinforcement of storage of agricultural waste.
• Reinforcement of vegetable stores.
• Reinforcing floors in livestock complexes, farms.


Road construction

Reinforcement of roads

Fiberglass rebarFiberglass mesh
• Reinforcement of road and airfield slabs.
• Reinforcement of the roadway.
• Reinforcement of pedestrian paths.
• Reinforcement of the bases of lighting supports and power transmission towers.
• Road and paving slabs, fence slabs, curbs, posts and pillars.
• Reinforcing sleepers in railway construction.
• The use of composite mesh as a roadway guard.
• Reinforcement of road plates.
• Strengthening the roadway.

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Construction of bridges and hydroconstructions

Reinforcing coastal structures

Fiberglass rebarFiberglass mesh
• Reinforcement of decking and fencing of bridges.
• Reinforcing coastal structures.
• Strengthening of stingrays of coastlines.
• Reinforcement of slabs of bridge flooring.
• Pedestrian paths reinforcement.
• Strengthening and construction of coastal and hydraulic structures.

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