Fiberglass reinforcing mesh

Fiberglass reinforcing mesh is 3 times stronger, 8 times lighter than steel and durable for over 80 years. It is applicable to reinforce floors, concrete pads, roads and parking lots. We offer mesh with wide range opening sizes and bar diameters. Standart delivery form is rolls with a width of 1 m and length of 50 m. For sheets 1×2 or 1×3 m or 2×3 m or 2×6 m. Mesh opening sizes from 50×50 to 400×400 mm. We also produce the mesh according to individual customer sizes.




50×50 — ø2

0.21 0.98 0.86

50×50 — ø2.5

0.33 1.55 1,35

50×50 — ø3

0.44 2.02 1,76

50×50 — ø4

0.78 3.50 3,05

100×100 — ø2

0.11 0.58 0,51

100×100 — ø2.5

0.18 0.86 0,75

100×100 — ø3

0.25 1.16 1,01

100×100 — ø4

0.41 1.84 1,61

100×100 — ø5

0.64 2.91 2,53

100×100 — ø6

1.11 4.94 4,34

150×150 — ø3

0.17 0.82 0,71

150×150 — ø4

0.28 1.27 1,11

150×150 — ø5

0.44 2.17 1,89

150×150 — ø6

0.70 3.17 2,76

200×200 — ø4

0.20 0.93 0,81

200×200 — ø5

0.37 1.74 1,52

200×200 — ø6

0.54 2.55 2,22

200×200 — ø7

0.80 3.78 3,29

200×200 — ø8

0.95 4.48 3,91

GFRP mesh is available for ordering in two various production methods. The difference is two various types of interlacing of the rods at the contact points.

Our range of GFRP mesh

We produce almost 400 thousand square meters of mesh per year, we make very strict output quality and raw materials control.

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    FAQ Related to reinforcing mesh Answererd

    What is reinforcing fiber mesh and when to use?
    A glass fiber reinforced polymer (GFRP) mesh is made from GFRP bars of a periodic profile located in two mutually perpendicular directions. Rods are made by pultrusion from fiberglass roving  impregnated with epoxy resin with further polymerization.
    How to buy concrete reinforcing mesh?
    We can arrange delivery anywhere in the world. You need to contact with company manager and he will organize delivery.
    Where to buy concrete reinforcing mesh?
    You can buy glassfiber reinforcing mesh directly from our factory and our representatives.

    Contact the company manager for detailed information

    How to cut reinforcing mesh?
    GFRP mesh can be cut with a circular saw with cutting wheel, a manual rebar cutter, bolt cutters or grinder.
    How to tie mesh with wire?
    Plastic or metal wire or clips can be used to fix and tie GFRP mesh.
    How much reinforcing mesh?
    To calculate the amount of mesh you need, please contact company manager and provide him with information about the type of construction work and its dimensions.
    What is the tensile strength of reinforcing mesh?
    GFRP mesh has tensile strength of at least 1000 MPa.
    When did reinforcing concrete with steel mesh or rods begin in?
    The first experience of using fiberglass dates back to 1956 in the United States. For several years, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has been developing a project for a house made of polymer materials using fiberglass. It is intended for one of the attractions at Disneyland California. It served for 10 years, until they decided to replace it with another attraction and designate it for demolition.
    How much reinforcing mesh do i need?
    We can arrange delivery anywhere in the world. You need to contact with company manager and he will organize delivery.
    What is the MOQ?
    We supply products of any quantity from 1 pack/rolls.