GFRP Rebar

Glass fiber reinforced plastic bar is used for efficient construction, because it is lighter, cheaper and stronger than steel. It also doesn’t corrode, and more durable. GFRP rebar is supplied in rods of 3 and 6 meters, as well as in coils of 50 and 100 meters in length.

In the table you can see the GFRP rebar sizes & prices:

#1 4 1/8 0.024 from 0.09 from  0.08
#2 6 1/4 0.054 from 0.19 from  0.17
#3 7 0.080 from 0.30 from 0.26
#4 8 5/16 0.094 from 0.34 from 0.30
#5 10 3/8 0.144 from 0.51 from 0.45
#6 12 1/2 0.200 from 0.71 from 0.62
#7 14 0.290 from 1.08 from 0.94
#8 16 5/8 0.460 from 1.78 from 1.55
#9 18 0.530 from 2.16 from 1.88
#10 20 0.632 from 2.51 from 2.19
#11 22 7/8 0.732 from 2.82 from 2.46
#12 24 0.860 from 3.32 from 2.89


FAQ Related to GFRP rebar Answered

What is fiberglass rebar?
GFRP rebar is a spiral wrapped structural reinforcing rod made from a combination of fiberglass roving and resin.
How to bend fiberglass rebar?
The GFRP rebar can’t be bent outside the production process. If you need bent bars turn your attention to bent bars (stirrups).
How to use fiberglass rebar?
GFRP rebar is very suitable to use in the applications where steel rebar is limited to its properties. For example where corrosion is a problem such as in a humid, coastal or when a radio transparent structure is needed.
Who sells fiberglass rebar?
GFRP rebar can be sold by manufacturer (factory) in Russia and our dealers and distributors.
How do I make concrete adhere to fiberglass rebar?
Bestfiberglassrebar has a winding (thin fiberglass bundle with a spiral longitudinal arrangement of fiberglass), which acts as an adhesion to concrete and transfers forces to the main rod using an epoxy binder.
Where to buy fiberglass rebar?
You can buy GFRP rebar directly from the factory from Russia or check with the company manager for the contact details of your nearest dealer.
How to cut fiberglass rebar?
GFRP rebar can be cut with a circular saw with cutting wheel, a manual rebar cutter, bolt cutters or grinder.
What materials such as steel and fiberglass used to make rebar?
The technological process of production of fiberglass reinforcement is based on the development of rebar of continuous glassfiber filaments, imbued with an epoxy binder together with the next process of hot hardening, going on in the polymerization tunnel-like chamber.
Where to know fiberglass rebar cost?
You can find out the cost of rebar in the Products section or by the specified contact detail from the company manager.
Where to find fiberglass rebar in Northern Virginia?
You need to contact with company manager and he will organize delivery to northern Virginia.
How to fiberglass rebar compared to steel rebar?
GFRP rebar has tensile strength of over 1000 MPa. This is over twice the tensile strength of steel rebar, which is typically 400 to 500 MPa. Steel rebar has a high modulus of elasticity (400-500 GPa), while GFRP rebar has 46-60 GPa. However, GFRP rebar doesn’t expensive concrete waterproofing additives required, has zero maintenance costs, GFRP rebar is lighter than steel – saves on freight, speeds up installation, and reduces labor requirements.
What better steel rebar or fiberglass?
Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. The choice of the type of rebar must be done personally for each construction project.

Why choose GFRP rebar?

  • Light weight: approximately 75% lighter compared to a steel of an equivalent size, which provides significant savings in both delivery and handling.
  • Corrosion resistance: Fiberglass reinforcement never rusts and is not afraid of salt effects, chemicals and alkalis.
  • Electromagnetic neutrality: does not contain metal and does not interfere in operation of sensitive electronic devices, such as medical MRI or electronic testing devices.
  • Thermal insulator: high efficiency in resistance to heat transfer.

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