Can fiberglass rebar be used in the foundation?

GFRP rebar is widely used to reinforce the foundation on a world-wide basis. Use of fiberglass rebar is considered acceptable for foundations of buildings up to 4 floors — both strip and slab foundations.

An example of GFRP rebar use in strip foundation is shown in the video:

The choice of composite rebar for the foundation reinforcement is fuelled by its advantages over metal:

  • low price of GFRP rebar;
  • savings on transportation due to fiberglass light weight and its delivery in coils;
  • composite rebar is shipped in coils of 50 and 100 meters, which allows cutting the bars of the required length and seamless lashing (welded joints of metal rebar, as you know, are a trouble spot);
  • ease of operation;
  • no cracks in the foundation due to thermal expansion coefficients difference of concrete and metal (they are similar for fiberglass and concrete);
  • and other advantages.

Foundation rebar

Use the calculator on our website to calculate the required amount of rebar for strip foundation or slab.